Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Choosing a wedding photographer

A good wedding photographer is vital to the success of your day, and to the memories of your wedding. Out of all the things that you have to organise, the photographs are the longest-lasting and one of the most important. How do you choose a wedding photographer? To find out more visit

Professional standards

In order to ensure that your photographer works to high standards, make sure they are qualified and a member of a recognised body such as the British Institute of Professional Photographers. These bodies apply rigorous standards and also give you somewhere to go if you have a complaint about a member. All good wedding photographers in Hertfordshire or across the UK should have relevant qualifications and membership.


A wedding photographer who limits you to certain packages and prices is missing a key opportunity to record the real events of the day. More couples are choosing a wedding photographer who will take the pictures they want; and there is a trend away from lots of formal shots to informal photographs of friends and family. I have been a wedding photographer in Hertfordshire for over 25 years and during this time flexibility has become a key requirement for many couples.


The last thing you want to do is to wait six weeks for your wedding photographs. Photographical technology is constantly changing, as anyone with a digital camera will tell you, so it is now possible to have a range of photographs available online within a few days of the event, and printed copies within a week. Your wedding photographer should be able to provide you with all the pictures taken at your wedding within a week.


Your wedding photographs are one of the longest-lasting ways to remember your special day. Make sure that you choose a wedding photographer who uses high quality equipment both for taking the shots and for printing them. Ask to see examples of previous work, or to talk to someone who’s recently used the photographer. In places like Hertfordshire, wedding photographers face tough competition and they know that quality counts, so ensure that you are happy with their approach and work before you make a commitment.

Make the most of your wedding photographer by choosing someone who fits all the above categories: Qualified and recognised by a professional body, flexible and responsive when it comes to taking and reproducing your pictures, and with a high standard of work.

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