Wednesday, 13 June 2012

London Dating: Wedding Bells

Are you over 30 and still part of the singles in the London dating crowd? You are not alone.

Join the club of many single women above 30 who are experiencing the same thing and have made it their life’s mission to find Mr. Right. It isn’t easy to do so, especially since there are more single women than eligible men in the Lond Dating circles. Plus, many of these women are not selling their selves right. 

There is a way to meet and eventually, marry a man. It is a secret that is only being revealed today. And it is as simple as doing business that guarantees good results. In fact, majority of those who have tried it have tied the knot within 12 to 18 months.  This however, strictly states that one has to do exactly as told. Pride and shyness have to be thrown out the window in order for this to work. Have you done away with it? Very well. Now read on.

Think of love and dating as a business where the principles of marketing can be applied. The product or brand to be marketed is YOU. You become the focus of all activities to be marketed to potential husbands.

The first step is packaging. Like any product being sold, appearance matters. You want to make a first good impression and this won’t simply do when you are sporting bum-skimming short skirts and low-necklines showing off too much cleavage. These immediately come across to men as an easy lay who may not be cut out to be a wife one day. Time to clear out those closets, ladies! 90% of men also prefer women who have long hair. If you’re hair is still as short as Sharon Osbourne’s ‘do, you may want to rethink and regrow your luscious locks. 

The next step may prove to be harder. You need to go through their contact book and get in touch with everyone you know, which may include doctors, childhood friends and the like. Surprised? It works that way! Again, one simply needs to swallow her pride and say, “would it be too much of a bother if you introduce me to any single men you might know? I would like to find someone special.” Just because you’re British and reserved doesn’t mean you can’t. It’s exactly what you need, a shove to finally meet Mr. Right.

You can also try to join various hobby lessons or classes, not for the sole purpose of learn something new, but to try to meet new people. Lose the shy attitude and do something to be able to enter into a meaningful relationship! Cease the opportunities surrounding you because it isn’t illegal or immoral to do so. You just want to be happy in the arms of a man you love. 

If you’re the type who still prefers to wait until love comes knocking on the door, then do so. But remember, it’s the 21st century and London dating is evolving. You have nothing to lose by trying new things, and you never know, you could be ordering your Crystal Bridal Accessories sooner than you think if all goes well.

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