Thursday, 29 March 2012

Top Wedding Photographer Tips

On the biggest day of your life you want the peace of mind that you have a wedding photographer who will take the agreed photographs without intruding on the fun of the day. Why not read the second part of our wedding photographer tips to ensure that you use the right wedding photographer in Sussex.

  • Know what you want – Be sure that you know what kind of style and effect you are wanting for your wedding photos and that you communicate this to the wedding photographer. They should let you know should they not be able to accommodate this.
  • Colour – If you are going for a classical traditional look then black and white photos will be perfect for this. However if you have spent a long time co-ordinating the colour for your wedding day then you might want the photos to project this. You should discuss both possibilities with your wedding photographer and think about both colour and black and white photographers.
  • Written agreement – make sure that you put everything in writing in terms of what has been agreed with the wedding photographer. A good professional photographer will be eager to send you documentation of what has been agreed.
  • Rehearse – Consider taking some trial photos to check how you both look at your best and also run through the role you would like the wedding photographer to fulfil during your special day.
  • Cancellation – pay special attention to the cancellation clauses in your agreement. What will happen should you need to cancel or the wedding photographer wants to cancel? What would happen if the venue or date were changed? You need a contingency plan to cover all possibilities.

Top Wedding Photographer Tips

Top Wedding Photographer Tips – If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Sussex then you would definitely benefit from having a look at the first part of our top wedding photographer tips found below.

  • Do your homework – Research any local wedding photographers and ask friends and family for their recommendations. You will find a list of wedding photographers in the Yellow Pages or you can have a look on the Internet. The more you look into it, the better chance you will have of ensuring that you get the right wedding photographer.
  • Book early - Good wedding photographers will get booked up early so make sure that this is something at the top of your wedding ‘to do’ list. The last thing you want is a date looming and stress over trying to find a wedding photographer at last minute.
  • Arrange a consultation – In this pre-wedding consultation you will quickly assess whether or not you want to hire the wedding photographer and whether or not you feel at ease with them. You should also check out their previous work and ask as many questions as possible. It is good to have everything clear from the start.
  • Professional wedding photographer – Check the wedding photographer’s credentials. You want a wedding photographer who will best accommodate your individual requirements. A qualified professional wedding photographer will be better equipped to capture your special day than a family friend.
  • Prices – Ensure that the price is competitive within the wedding photography industry and check whether the wedding photographer has a range of packages to choose from. Generally speaking, the more that you pay for the wedding photography service the better quality and attention to detail you will receive. However, you would still be well advised to remain vigilant of anyone taking you for a ride.

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Wedding Photographer in Sussex: Wedding Photographer Facts

 Your wedding day is a totally unique and special event for you both to enjoy but there are some people out there who took the definition of ‘unique’ to a new level. So why not have a look at some of our most interesting wedding photographer facts shared for your amusement and amazement?
Wedding Photographer Interesting Facts
  • The late Lord Lichfield, cousin once removed of the Queen, famously used a football referee’s whistle to get the wedding guests’ attention at the 1981 wedding of Charles and Diana. He was also famed for photographing the exiled Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson during their exile in Paris and pretending to fall off his chair in order to make them laugh.
·         Hugo Burnand, official photographer for Charles and Camilla’s wedding, was travelling 3,000 metres up in the Bolivian Andes when he learnt he would be photographing the royal wedding. Helena Christensen request to be the photographer for the wedding was politely declined.
·         On average the big day costs £12,000. This of course varies from area to area and in London the average wedding costs 15% more (at around £14,000 ) with an average of in excess of £1500 being spent on the wedding photographer. The honeymoon, reception, and bride's dress cost approximately half of the total cost.
  • The longest ever recorded marriage was Sit Temulji Nairman and his wife Lady Nariman, who were married at the age of five. The marriage lasted for 86 years.
  • The oldest ever bride was Minnie Munro from Australia who was 102 years old on her wedding day. She married an 82 year old man.
  • In 1995 a bride in France was arrested for stabbing her new husband at her wedding reception with the knife they had just used to cut the wedding cake.

Wedding Photographer Questions

A great deal of the memory of your special wedding day will lay in the hands of your wedding photographer, which is why that you need to ensure that you get the right wedding photographer in Sussex to best cater for your needs. Below we have a detailed look at some the questions you might like to print out and take with you for your wedding photographer consultation.
Whether you are looking for that perfect wedding photographer in Sussex or elsewhere within the UK you will need to ask a lot of questions to ensure that you get the right wedding photographer to capture the beauty of your big day. Seeing as most people have never had to do this before it can sometimes seem a little daunting, which is why we provide you with a few questions to get you started.
Some Wedding Photographer Questions
Some of the questions you might not have thought of which you might like to consider asking the wedding photographer before you decide to hire their services include:
·         How and when will we see the wedding photos?
·         Do you have a website where you could post our wedding photos for our guests to view and order re-prints?
·         Do you provide any special wedding packages?
·         How much wedding photography experience do you have and will you be taking the photos?
·         What will happen should the wedding photographs fade?
·         Are you a member of any UK professional wedding photography body such as BIPP, BPPA, SWPP?
·         How many and what kind of cameras do you use?
·         Do you have backup equipment if something breaks?
·         Do you use film based or digital cameras or a combination of both? 
The right photographer is just as important as the right mother of the bride dresses and outfits, so choose carefully!

Wedding Photographer in Sussex: The Consultation with the Wedding Photographer Guidelines

The Wedding Photographer - A pre-wedding consultation with a wedding photographer will quickly help you assess whether or not they are the right wedding photographer in Sussex for your wedding and whether or not you feel at ease with them. But how do you do this?

Ask to see the Wedding Photographer’s previous work

You need to look for the following:
  • Be sure that some of the photos are of a recent wedding and not just a mixture of the best photos from various weddings.
  • Does the wedding album tell an individual story of a unique wedding?
  • Is there a good mixture of portraits and group photos of the wedding guests, up close and distance shots?
  • Is the wedding photographer good at capturing the best facial expressions?

Ask as many questions as possible.
It is good to have everything clear from the start, so sit down beforehand and work out a list of questions you need to ask. Some of the questions you might like to consider include:

  • Will you be the photographer covering our wedding? If not, we would like to see the work of the actual photographer and meet him before the day.
  • Is the wedding photographer a member of a professional photography body?
  • Does the wedding photographer have insurance?
  • How long will it be before I can see the wedding photos?
Analyse how you feel
If you don’t feel relaxed with the wedding photographer in the studio then you are unlikely to feel relaxed with them on the big day. Many people find their wedding day an extremely stressful experience and that is why you don’t want to be worrying about the wedding photographer and whether they are going to make you look your best. You need a wedding photographer that you can feel totally at ease with. You should look at the facial expressions of the subjects the wedding photographer has photographed and check that they also look relaxed and happy.