Wednesday, 13 June 2012

London Dating - Wedding Bells - London Dating Style

So you’ve been London Dating for quite some time now. And it has been going quite well. So well in fact that you’re set to tie the knot within the year!

That’s what London Dating is really all about. It is about blossoming love amid a unique culture. So you’ve gone on the longest walks, dined at both cheap and gourmet restaurants and have done almost everything there is to do on a unique London date.

But after deciding on what to do the next time you go London Dating, the two of you now have to decide on where to celebrate the big day. Marriage, after all is a celebration. A celebration of hope for a wonderful life ahead. Not to worry. The UK is filled with a variety of places where couples can celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Here are some of them:

·         Balmoral: Yes, that’s right, the Queen’s Official Residence. This private estate belonging to her Majesty, The Queen, has always been closed to commoners. The only times they can get inside is when special tours are arranged. Nowadays however, commoners are not only given the chance to tour the place. They can even get married there. Actually, it was only in March 2004 when the first couple tied the knot at the Balmoral Church. This hilltop Church is the same place where Princess Anne and Commodore Tim Laurence got married. It is likewise used for Sunday service by the Royal family when at Balmoral. After the wedding, the entourage can proceed to Balmoral Castle for a grand reception.

·         Speaking of Balmoral Castle, it is likewise considered as a romantic wedding venue. Although used as a “working estate” by the Royal family, this magnificent Castle is filled with turrets, ivy and has a breathtaking view of the surrounding country. Her Majesty, The Queen has ensured that everything is well maintained by providing for its upkeep. Couples can either get married at the nearby Church or on the Castle grounds. Whichever they choose, having the reception here is a must. Their guests will be treated to a sumptuous five-course meal. They can shake all that flab away afterwards with some Highland Dancing. And should the couple find this too short a time spent at the Castle, they can opt to have their honeymoon there. Balmoral Castle has some very attractive accommodation packages especially during the holidays.

Want a London Wedding? This is as “London” as they come. So whether London dating or celebrating the big day, why not check out some of the UK’s castles. And Best wishes to the new couple.

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