Thursday, 29 March 2012

Wedding Photographer in Sussex: Wedding Photojournalism

The Basics of Wedding Photojournalism – If you are planning your wedding you will definitely be looking for the appropriate wedding photographer to fulfil your wedding day needs. In your search you will almost certainly come across photojournalism. Below we look at what photojournalism is and how you could use it on your big day.

What is Wedding Photojournalism?

Wedding Photojournalism is a photography technique which aims to capture the scenes at the wedding without having to attract the attention of the subjects. It has become increasingly popular over the last few years and you will find that there are many wedding photographers who will offer this type of photography. The aim of photojournalism is to record the real life emotions of the happy occasion without being intrusive into the actual events of the day and distracting from the joy of the event. At the end the happy couple should be left with natural looking photos which tell the story of their unique day from start to finish. An added bonus for the couple is that they get to see the photos of their guests enjoying themselves whilst they were busy cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet and all those other things which tie up the bride and groom.

Why would I choose photojournalism?
Photojournalism has proven to be popular amongst happy couples tying the knot over the last few years as it provides the unique occasion with a unique set of photographs. None of the photos using this photography method will be posed and so your photos will seem more natural and lifelike. The subjects will more likely be wearing expressions that you have come to know and love because they will be unaware that the camera is on them. You will be left alone and not told how to stand or where to stand. This promotes a great relaxed feeling with all of the stuffiness of formal photos left behind.

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