Thursday, 29 March 2012

Top Wedding Photographer Tips

On the biggest day of your life you want the peace of mind that you have a wedding photographer who will take the agreed photographs without intruding on the fun of the day. Why not read the second part of our wedding photographer tips to ensure that you use the right wedding photographer in Sussex.

  • Know what you want – Be sure that you know what kind of style and effect you are wanting for your wedding photos and that you communicate this to the wedding photographer. They should let you know should they not be able to accommodate this.
  • Colour – If you are going for a classical traditional look then black and white photos will be perfect for this. However if you have spent a long time co-ordinating the colour for your wedding day then you might want the photos to project this. You should discuss both possibilities with your wedding photographer and think about both colour and black and white photographers.
  • Written agreement – make sure that you put everything in writing in terms of what has been agreed with the wedding photographer. A good professional photographer will be eager to send you documentation of what has been agreed.
  • Rehearse – Consider taking some trial photos to check how you both look at your best and also run through the role you would like the wedding photographer to fulfil during your special day.
  • Cancellation – pay special attention to the cancellation clauses in your agreement. What will happen should you need to cancel or the wedding photographer wants to cancel? What would happen if the venue or date were changed? You need a contingency plan to cover all possibilities.

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